Captive Portal:

Web Based Authentication Portal is the major user interface for the Subscriber self-service sign up. It displays complete detail of the balance of the package chosen and allows the subscriber to recharge their account or access any other details.

Business Intelligent:

It generates reports and BI for peak and off peak hours, high traffic locations, quantum wise location, details of end-user device, revenue summary and usage reports and many more personalized reports. Rapid Installation

Rapid Installation.

It can be easily installed and integrated with other devices and back-end data store for offering user-based service

Wifi Retail

This system/device can be installed and run in any retail operations to improve the convenience and interaction of their customers

Wifi Corporate

In any corporate establishment, this device can be used for highly secure, scalable and transparent to be used by the internal employees anytime, thus enhancing the productivity, interaction and coordination.  

It is a great service for industries including Airports, Hotels, Restaurants, Malls, Hospitals, Campus, and Business Complex also in Residents.

It not only keeps your customers happy due to its seamless connectivity but it also improves your customer acquisition. It is beneficial for each and every segment adding value to their services thus enabling them offer a technology rich service!